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Electronics & Communications Engineering Solutions

Technical Consultants

Military, medical and aviation technical projects in electronics, radio frequency, mechanics and software.

About Vivitronics

Vivitronics was formed in 1997 to provide quality engineering services to industry, when we initially focused on specialist electronics design and small scale manufacturing.

Since then, we have been satisfying an ever increasing market demand for a technical consultancy that could not only discuss technical subjects, but also help to resolve some of the many physical problems encountered along the way to making a final product.

We now provide close-up hands-on technical input for integrated electronics, software & mechanics product design - in addition to project planning and documentation services. Our specialisms are in the fields of medical, avionics and military, where there are additional stringent controls & processes and many pitfalls for the uninitiated. We encourage potential clients to involve us at an early stage of project development to minimise trouble, maximise performance and value for money.

Founder, Richard Reich has been involved in high technology all his working life. His career began at the BBC where for 10 years he was involved in early digital audio and video systems and radio frequency transmission. Subsequently, more work in specialist radio frequency communications were undertaken at Marconi and British Telecom. Since starting Vivitronics, he has been involved in developing a wide range of cutting-edge technologies aimed at the medical, avionics, electro-chemistry, and military markets, and is cited in a number of patents and papers related to gas plasmas, digital systems, and fibre optics.

Vivitronics is a member of the British Standards Institute. We adhere to the ISO13485:2012 Quality Management System (for medical devices), and we are currently working toward achieving certification (expected early 2014).

Mission Statement: Vivitronics aims to be dynamic and agile, providing a hub for focussed quality services to help our clients bring new technical products to market in the shortest time possible. (Richard Reich, founder - Mission Statement

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The One-Stop Shop

Vivitronics is a technical consulting company specialising in electronic product design and manufacturing projects.

We offer a full range of Technical Project Management and Consultancy services.

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Richard Reich
Innovator and Entrepreneur, founder of Vivitronics Ltd.

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Vivitronics Ltd.
Registered in England No. 8437872

Vivitronics Ltd, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, UK. Registered in England No. 08437872

Vivitronics Technical Consultants offer full Technical Project Management and Consultancy in electronic product design and manufacturing. We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production: Technical Analysis; Risk analysis; Rapid Design (hardware and software); Rapid prototypes; Industrial Design; Full Project Management; Design and Project Reviews; Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers; Validation and Verification; Approvals processes to ISO 9000, FDA Title 21, 60601, EU Directives; Patents and Intellectual Property. Our expertise lies in the fields of military, medical, aviation and general electronics.

Vivitronics is a member of the British Standards Institute. We adhere to the ISO13485:2012 Quality Management System, and are currently working toward achieving certification (expected 2016).

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