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Electronics & Communications Engineering Solutions

Technical Consultants

Military, medical and aviation technical projects in electronics, radio frequency, mechanics and software.


Many of our past projects are protected by non-disclosure agreements, so we cannot reveal details. However, here are a few cases which we hope will convey some scope of our past work. Sensitive details in the images have been pixelated out.

Chemo-Medical Instrument

Product Design Exercise prototype for Chemo-Medical Instrument under development

The client (a small, but well-known, instrument manufacturer), needed a project manager in place to guide a multi-disciplined team of engineers to produce a ready-for-market device from concept within 2 years. Vivitronics Consultancy were contracted to undertake this work. The device itself was complex, and employed many new and cutting-edge technology techniques which were the subject of new patents.

Successful completion achieved by Vivitronics Consultancy - on time and within budget. Equipment now in production and on sale.

Handheld Cold Plasma Device

Proof of Concept - Handheld Cold Plasma Device for Medical Usage

A well-known World-class medical device supplier was keen to use gas plasma for a specific medical application. They were looking for a company who could help them quickly move forward to realise an early demonstrator-prototype. The project brief dictated that the device must be entirely portable, be capable of being hand-held, operator safe, and operate with sufficient battery life - minimum one hour. These parameters were extremely demanding elements in the design. No research had previously been carried out on the miniaturisation of plasma generators, and the use in a hand-held application.

Vivitronics Consultancy were able to supply a fully working prototype within six man-weeks. Battery life was in excess of 3 hours. This work included the design and manufacture of prototype miniature plasma electrode systems, very high efficiency power supplies using ingenious electronics techniques, and work with a gas and micro-valve specialist to make the smallest gas control system ever developed. As a result, we were able to generate Helium gas plasma at very low current and Voltages in a very small space - never achieved before. A number of patent applications were made by the client on the basis of this work.

Multi-channel Telemetry System

1000 channels of wide-band data telemetry to be used in high-G testing of aviation jet rotor blades.

A large company with World-wide subsidiaries, active at the forefront of high-speed turbine design, wanted to monitor vibration and temperatures in individual blades during rotation. They had been looking for a company to provide a system that worked correctly, and reliably for development and trials in the very difficult environment presented. Up to 1000 channels were required, operating in temperatures exceeding 130 degrees C, G forces in excess of 18,000, and high levels of electrical noise. Vivitronics Consultancy were selected after initial tender, and were able to demonstrate the superior performance of an in-house designed digital system employed in another field of technology which was suitable for the application. Tough Ask = Design and manufacture a complete system within 18 months for a budget of £1.75 million.

Achieved within 14 months and within budget - tested and in use. The client was happy with the outcome, and has subsequently commissioned environment-tolerant monitoring equipment for other areas of their business.

Prototype Failure Analysis

Prototype Failure Analysis - Prototype power pick-up loop (stator) for use in a military application.

Vivitronics Consultancy were asked by a military subcontractor to investigate causes of failure in a prototype high frequency inductive power system for use in an armoured vehicle, and recommend design improvements to reduce failures at 125C.

Failure was found to be an inadequate class of wire insulation coupled with an unsuitable core material. Local hotspots at point contact with ferrite cores and windings caused overheating and eventual breakdown. Problem solved by changing core type and wire class. Operation now possible to 140C.

Radio Frequency Signal Distribution System

A supplier of military equipment approached Vivitronics Consulancy to define and design an RF signal distribution system which would be used in multi-point surveylance applications. The system elements had to be small, easy to assemble, and above all - have a very wide bandwidth.

After an initial clarification of needs, Vivitonics produced some sample electronics within three weeks, which was subsequently put into small-scale production. Picture shows a low noise head amplifier with phantom power, 8-way splitter (also phantom powered), and a miniature in-line bandpass filter.

Vivitronics Consultancy produced in rapid time, a working system with outstanding performance, which allowed the client to win large contracts.

Flight Simulation Motion Engine

Flight Simulation Motion Engine for commercial flight simulator.

Vivitronics Consultancy were charged with developing a powerful flight simulator motion engine for simulating real-life control stick failure modes in commercial rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. The brief specifically stipulated that the control stick must behave exactly like the real thing in failure mode for training purposes.

Comparision tests by the client demonstrated that no other simulators were able to replicate the high performance of the Vivitronics control system, which was smaller, less complex, and one twentieth of the price of normal commercial flight simulators costing £1 million upwards. Negotiations in progress.

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Successful Projects

Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Our recent projects include:

• High-density Telemetry systems
• Miniature cold plasma systems
• Inductive power systems
• Infusion Pumps
• Body Area Networks for wireless patient monitoring
• Patient Management Systems
• Diabetes research and treatment products
• Sleep Apnoea research and treatment devices
• Depth Sounder
• Autopilot and flight simulator

Industry Areas

Take advantage of our extensive experience in many different fields of technology.

• Medical Electronics
• Industrial Controls
• Automotive
• Telecommunications
• Energy Management
• Broadcasting and transmission
• Marine Electronics
• Diagnostic Test
• Temperature Controls
• Aerospace
• Imaging
• Signal Analysis
• Lighting
• Temperature Controls
• Software

From Concept to Production

We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production.

• Rapid Design (hardware and software)
• Rapid prototypes
• Industrial Design
• Full Project Management
• Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers
• Validation and Verification

Vivitronics Ltd, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, UK. Registered in England No. 08437872

Vivitronics Technical Consultants offer full Technical Project Management and Consultancy in electronic product design and manufacturing. We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production: Technical Analysis; Risk analysis; Rapid Design (hardware and software); Rapid prototypes; Industrial Design; Full Project Management; Design and Project Reviews; Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers; Validation and Verification; Approvals processes to ISO 9000, FDA Title 21, 60601, EU Directives; Patents and Intellectual Property. Our expertise lies in the fields of military, medical, aviation and general electronics.

Vivitronics is a member of the British Standards Institute. We adhere to the ISO13485:2012 Quality Management System, and are currently working toward achieving certification (expected 2016).

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