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Electronics & Communications Engineering Solutions

Technical Consultants

Military, medical and aviation technical projects in electronics, radio frequency, mechanics and software.


EyetronicEx® is a small, but high performance ruggedised instrument aimed specifically at monitoring environmental and behavioural conditions on valuable remote assets, for example Riser and CALM buoys and vessels at sea.

EyetronicEx® can be configured with a range of 'options' with various functions and sensors - including (but not limited to) a sensitive GNSS** antenna, GNSS receiver, 3-axis motion measurement, vibration and shock monitoring, heading and direction recording, local temperature and hot-spot readings, light levels, and data logging.

Available as ATEX Ex Zone 1 IIC gases for the oil & gas industry.

EyetronicM® has the same capabilities, but is aimed at marine, and similar environments.

EyetronicR® is for land-based applications (rail and transport).

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Successful Projects

Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Our recent projects include:

• High-density Telemetry systems
• Miniature cold plasma systems
• Inductive power systems
• Infusion Pumps
• Body Area Networks for wireless patient monitoring
• Patient Management Systems
• Diabetes research and treatment products
• Sleep Apnoea research and treatment devices
• Depth Sounder
• Autopilot and flight simulator

Industry Areas

Take advantage of our extensive experience in many different fields of technology.

• Medical Electronics
• Industrial Controls
• Automotive
• Telecommunications
• Energy Management
• Broadcasting and transmission
• Marine Electronics
• Diagnostic Test
• Temperature Controls
• Aerospace
• Imaging
• Signal Analysis
• Lighting
• Temperature Controls
• Software

From Concept to Production

We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production.

• Rapid Design (hardware and software)
• Rapid prototypes
• Industrial Design
• Full Project Management
• Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers
• Validation and Verification

Vivitronics Ltd, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, UK. Registered in England No. 08437872

Vivitronics Technical Consultants offer full Technical Project Management and Consultancy in electronic product design and manufacturing. We can assist at all project stages from initial concept to production: Technical Analysis; Risk analysis; Rapid Design (hardware and software); Rapid prototypes; Industrial Design; Full Project Management; Design and Project Reviews; Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers; Validation and Verification; Approvals processes to ISO 9000, FDA Title 21, 60601, EU Directives; Patents and Intellectual Property. Our expertise lies in the fields of military, medical, aviation and general electronics.

Vivitronics is a member of the British Standards Institute. We adhere to the ISO13485:2012 Quality Management System, and are currently working toward achieving certification (expected 2016).

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